Budhist Prayers Mala


11mm Natural Organi Bodhi Seeds Prayer Mala 108 Beads Handmade From Kavrepalanchowk district Timal City of Nepal



Budhi Seeds also called Japa Mala or Phrengba or Boddha Chitta is a holy bead in Buddhism, Used as Budhi Seeds Buddha’s Prayers Neckless, Buddha Chitta comprises two words; “Buddha” means enlightenment and “Chitta” means soul therefore the word Buddha Chitta meaning is enlightenment of the soul. (Another word To control your mind)
Buddha Chitta prayer beads was originated from Bodhisatwa Guru Padma Sambhawa (Tibetan says Guru Rimpoche). Guru Padma Sambhawa introduced Bajrayana, a part of Mahayana Buddhism which has huge influence in Nepal, Tibet, China and  Bhutan. Once Guru Padma Sambhawa was in meditation retreat at Tongsum Tunda Cave which lies in Kavrepalanchowk district Timal City of Nepal.  There he blessed this place with Buddha Chitta Mala and leaved  some seeds for future fortune. Now Its Known as Bodhi Seeds Mala or bodhi Seeds buddhist Prayers Neckless.
In reality, It supposed to have two of them one is 108 seeds and second one is 18 seeds.
1. What’s the Purpose of 108 Seeds ?  They Stand for 108 Vexations, and there are 108 Vexation, When you recite the name of Buddha, You can eliminate one of them, or Cast off a Worry.  Therefore, if you use the whole strings to chant one time, All your Vexations will Disappeared.
2. What about the 18 seeds one ? what are they, the short string represent the 18 Arhats, We usually call the 18 Seeds String Arhat beads, So What does one do with them?  We use the long string to chant one time and then count one seed in the small one, (the short one) Once we have used the long one to chant 18 times, We would have also recited the whole string of the short one once.  These long one and short one are used together.
What you should called in your mind while you chant this bodhi seeds string Mala??  Each seeds you chant, you need to call Bodhisattva Or Namo amitabha buddha. (WHEN USING BUDDHA BODHI SEEDS, ONE MUST BE SINGLE-MINDED AND CONCENTRATED) the Bodhi seeds buddha’s prayers neckless.


11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm


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