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10mm to 11mm Natural Organic Bodhi Seeds Prayer Bracelets 13 To 17 Beads Handmade From Kavreplanchok Nepal

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Budhi Seeds also called Japa Mala or Phrengba or Boddha Chitta is a holy bead in Buddhism. Buddha Chitta comprises a two words; “Buddha” means enlightenment and “Chitta” means soul therefore the word Buddha Chitta meaning is enlightenment of the soul. (Another word To control your mind)
Buddha Chitta prayer beads was originated from Bodhisatwa Guru Padma Sambhawa (Tibetan says Guru Rimpoche). Guru Padma Sambhawa introduced Bajrayana, a part of Mahayana Buddhism which has huge influence in Nepal, Tibet, China and  Bhutan. Once Guru Padma Sambhawa was in meditation retreat at Tongsum Tunda Cave which lies in Kavrepalanchowk district Timal City of Nepal.  There he blessed this place with Buddha Chitta Mala and leaved  some seeds for future fortune..

Number of Seeds

13 Seeds, 14 Seeds, 15 Seeds, 16 Seeds

Size of Diameter

10-11mm, 11-12mm, 12-13mm, 13-14mm

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  1. Alyn

    Rodrigo • 10 de Março de 2010 às 14:08Muito Obrigado!Seu tutorial acaba de me ajudar a resolver o problema de um cliente que não estava conseguindo cadastrar produtos na ADeValMu!Grande Abraço.

  2. Arry

    Conoscevo benissimo il prodotto di Deni Benati, ma ho ugualmente letto tutto il post…è incantevole il modo in cui promuovi i prodotti, devo dire che sei proprio il Re delle Affiliazioni!!! conispmemtislimiJosè

  3. Zaylin

    I’m ready to send off for my “try on” options now! I am thinking the Alex in Mahogany for me and the Jill in Cadet for my daughter. Sh812e#&7;s been wearing the same frames for 5 years so she is really due for some new glasses!

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