Only days to live (Cancer Survivor Story )

From Terminal to Flourishing! Surviving with only days to live.

Friends, family, doctors and those with reach would fight me every step of the way for agency, my beliefs and my life. Four years ago, after several years of eating and living better then most ever will, in nearly perfect health, cancer surfaced as it does along with massive necrosis, causing sepsis an abscess in my throat blocking my airway and a cancerous mass on my neck that grew so fast i could hear and feel my cells snapping like rubber bands stretched to their limit and completely destroying my neck, body and health. Over the next 30 days id walk the line between this world and the next. With a steady fever of 104.8 the entire time and my body rapidly detoxing which feed cancer, necrosis and sepsis my faith in natural and how far i would go was being tested to its limits. (for the bad to leave our body it must surface, always get worse before better) what that really means is that you just look and feel worse while you are getting better. Thats all! Attacks from family, friends and extensions, even getting locked down in emergency multiple times, refusing to release me while repeatedly reiterating i was terminal regardless and coherency evaluations to surrender my right to choose. Options, operating table demise or in three days, from suffocation and or the rapidly growing sepsis attacking my organs and heart. I chose option three, resilience and to fight the foreign organism attempting to convert my flesh from good bacteria to bad, from life to death. I fought family, friends and ended up doing it all alone in the end. One of the most crucial aspects of my success was a healthy environment/ positive atmosphere. I needed to focus my very little energy on reversing and restoring my body not fighting cognitive dissonance induced by others fears. I faced every challenge you could imagine. From debts, bills and selling everything i could to pay for my next colonic and herbs, being dumped, left to die alone, constant attacks when i let my guard down, threats and emotional abuse and then the loss of my younger brother, a wound that i will carry all my years. I didnt have enough money for gas to get to his funeral and had to find other means of travel, and then on the way i was attacked by another driver in a shelby cobra mustang who wouldnt leave us alone. Nothing about this battle was easy and the reason i survived is i kept going and never let fear or self-pitty take over. I remember the burning as the sepsis spread throught my ravaged body, i could feel my heart giving out. It had fought long and hard but i could feel that door opening and something told me i didnt have long, then what to do! At 146 lbs, i needed to be lifted out of my sweat-soaked sleeping bag, dried off then helped to the bathroom where id attempt something radical that no one has ever done. Covered in my own blood having failed, i remember fear hitting me hard. What had i done, and failed, made things worse? I was dying, i knew i was dying and that meant the fear was irrational so i tried and tried again. Eventually succeeding my experiment to combat sepsis, over the next few hours showed drastic remarkable results allowing me to continue everything else through a tramatic journey that would together save my life, test my faith and soul. Remember, no miracle cures, but everything working together strengthens everything forcing the bad out. Miracle cure all just pushes the problem to another weaker part of the body causing it to also fail and requires a domino effect on the bodys defences. Health, vitality, healing and combating cancer sickness and disease takes self control, discipline, routine and lifestyle changes, time. It doesnt hapen over night, it happens when everything working together, works to restore, eliminate and regenerate together and you eliminate the cause. Everyone thinks their condition is special, their disease/sickness is unique… First dont own something you dont want to keep. Cancer was never mine, and wont be sticking around. The cure is the same. Healthy people dont get sick, healthy things heal and bad things feed disease and sickness. If you cut off somethings food supply it atrophies. This means environment and lifestyle, lotions, beauty products, pills, hair products, liquids, solids, chemicals, bleach, paint, inhaled, ingested, absorbed, injected, applied, dietary sustenance….

Here are some of the things i did and do. Regardless of your health, this list will make you healthier. (Remember the context/ my terminal cancer with short window).

No sugar,
No fruit
No natural sugars
No wheat or gluten
stopped eating/ fasting generates stem cells
Organic everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yarrow tea
lobelia tea
comfrey tea
plantain tea
Cayenne in tea
Turmeric in tea
Chew ginger all day
30 garlic cloves daily
Professional colonics/ (filtered or distilled water) caution/ fluoride and bleach…
Juiced greens
Enemas with all ingredients listed above w/ distilled water.
Sun bathing (sun detoxes, surfaces bad..)
Epsom salt bath
1lb baking soda bath
1lb Farm mineral salt bath
Cayenne and herbal tea baths to induce sweating.
Dr christophers black ointment.
Teatree oil/ melaluca
Onion poltice on chest and neck.
Herbal poltice
Oregano and coconut oil
Garlic on feet
Coconut oil
Blended greens and distilled water
Fasting/ naturally produces stem cells
Slippery elm bark/eat…
My teas were generally mixed into one.
I never touched a single pain med or anything related, to current date. No asprin, no anti-inflammatory…. Nothing!
Many more herbs and things, way too many to list.

I went from 6 ft and 175 lbs of solid muscle to 146 lbs in aprox 25 days. The yarrow tea is a diaphoretic herb meaning it induces sweating. This is how you keep your brain from burning up and survive a fever, keep the cells wet/ well hydrated and they stay alive. The infection spread to my face and head. Chewing raw onions helped when the pain was at constant screaming levels. Plantain packed in my mouth and on face worked best with a layer of olive oil on my skin and teatree to keep infection away, but being that i was deteriorating and alone for most of the journey, it was hard to do everything i needed. Fruit juices caused me to relapse several times. Many studdies recommend things like watermelon, fresh juices like carrot apple and grape. Dont forget to search the dirty dozen/ things that should always be organic especially when fighting an organism like cancer and disease that feed on chemicals… Fasting is now taught in pre-med that it produces stem cells which can regenerate anything in the body. There are great fasting groups.

As my body stabilized from cancer and everything i endured, my food for a healthy vibrant recovery was an entire tub organic mix greens/ Costco with distilled water first. then organic apples through the day and yarrow, lobelia, comfrey, cayenne and turmeric tea, for supper, organic 28 different dried beans lentils peas, barley, sometimes sprouted, sometimes cooked in pressure cooker with cayenne and turmeric, black pepper…
Always served with fresh garlic, ginger, onions, jalapeno, tomatoes, avocado or homemade guacamole… Life sustains life. Eat living food and you support life throughout all your systems. Eat cooked dead foods, processed and contaminated by production methods, salts, oils, preserves… And you provide food for bad bacteria. Bad bacteria serves a purpose. They are here to eat and remove the garbage. Problems arise when the balance gets pushed the wrong way and it supports them thriving and moving in other than just cleaning up as they are supposed to. Cancer forms when that bad environment gets to a point where the bad bacteria needs something to clean up after them and eat all their waste. Stop feeding the bad bacteria, they in turn starve, cancer eats them then it begins to starve and that’s when everything starts to shrink. If you begin to feed them again they will come back with a vengeance. For me, cancer fed on all sugar also. If you feel that isn’t your case, use moderation with the methods above and only good sources of fresh juices. Apple carrot grape and watermelon organic and fresh=” alive” are amazing. Greens are the most crucial food!

Id recommends everyone gets dr Christophers “school of natural healing” (Utah)audiobooks/ herbal lectures. I believe its 30-50$ . his school taught me all i needed to survive. I started with the audio and thats what made me believe and why i never quit even when id scream for hours till id black out from exhaustion. The info im sharing here i didnt have when i battled it. Everything was new and scary. I didnt even know what cancer was or meant, i just understood how the body works, how life works. The herbs i use are doterra dr Christopher and star botanicals. I have extreme sensitivity to chemicals and those three have proven constant for me. Also my naturopath guided many many other things we did and without her for the first 25 days i wouldnt have survived. I had family help at crucial points in the begining also and appreciate the sacrifice, i think i did better when they left! Environmental factors like attitude are as crucial as food. Everything contains energy and different kinds do different things. Love and hope support life and success, fear supports doubt and failure.

It would take an aditional year for the holes in my face where infection burned right through, the twisted and ravaged skin, losing all my hair, damage to my teeth, muscle, tendons would take even longer. I may add pics. They are very personal and not something i want the world to see or be reminded myself.

I have been extremely hesitant to share any of this and have not up to now due to attacks in the past. Im not selling or trying to get anything from anyone. My only reason for sharing this is to help others seeking the same. I try to live really peacefully and ask that any responses are polite and not attacks as i will pull this post and probably never share again. This was beyond tramatic and although my body is strong and showing great recovery, for all of us who have survived cancer, near death exp, loss of loved ones and all the other things associated with such a traumatic journey, PTSD is real and a slow recovery. Cancer support groups exist everywhere and if you have cancer or know someone… Those groups took me from an isolated state fearing every caugh, sneeze, breath and touch of another person to finding the new me after cancer, changed but full of life love and adventure again. I still have a long way to go and four years of this has cost me greatly and left me with little in many aspects yet in others, inexperience, abundantly more. If i can do it, so can you.

Love Hope and Peace.

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