Iodine Dosage and Instructions

a. Maintenance – The iodine doctors are now beginning to believe that 50 mgs may be the minimum required dose.
b. Cancer – Cancer is a result of mutated cells. Iodine is absolutely critical for something called P53 gene which is known as the “keeper of the genetic code”.
Without iodine and selenium it will not function to eliminate abnormal cells from the body such as cancer. Cancer patients have taken anywhere from 50 – 300

The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine Rev 12/11
c. Children – These are the levels that I gave my children at the various ages. This is not meant to be a recommendation but a guideline for what was safe for my (Dr. Buist) children and others I have been in contact with. General guidelines suggest .08 mg x the weight of the child but is dependent on the health condition.
i. Up to 3 years – 3 drops of Detoxified Iodine per day or take 1 drop of 5% Lugol’s solution in water and then take ½ of the water and give it to the child.his results in 3.125 mg / dose.
ii. 3yrs to 5 yrs – 6.25 mgs of Iodoral or 1 drop 5% Lugols Solution (6.25 mg)
iii. 5 yrs to 9 yrs – 12.5 mgs of Iodoral or 2 drops 5% Lugols Solution (12.5 mg)
iv. 9 yrs to 16 yrs – 25 mgs of Iodoral or 4 drops 5% Lugols Solution (25 mg)
v. 16 yrs and up – will depend on health issues, weight, etc and cannot be given in generalities. Dosages range from 12.5 mgs to 300 mgs.
4. Supporting Nutrients for taking Iodine.
These are required to support the body while supplementing with iodine:
a. Vitamin C – 2,000 – 5,000 mgs / day – supports the symporters and assists as an antioxidant to detoxing.
b. Selenium – 200 – 400 mcg / day – needed for detoxification and thyroid hormone creation.
c. Unrefined salt (Celtic) – ½ tsp / day – supports adrenals, binds to bromide and assists in removal, supports symporters (sodium iodine symporters or NIS)
d. Magnesium – 400 mgs / day – critical for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.
e. Optional – ATP CoFactors -1 tablet 2x / day – when individuals continue to feel fatigued or have autoimmune thyroid disease this product can assist in increasing ATP (energy) within the cells. Riboflavin and no-flush niacin.

5. When should I take my supplements?
a. Iodine should be taken with food. This seems to enhance absorption as well as protecting sensitive stomachs from a potential upset.
b. The supporting nutrients can be taken with iodine and with food. There is no spacing or timing required. Some believe it is necessary to take Vit C separate from Iodine supplements. This has not been proven to be necessary as many have had success taking them together, so it is the individual’s choice as to what they do.
c. Iodine should be taken earlier in the day (before 2 pm) because for some it increases energy so much that they are unable to sleep.

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