How Dieneke Ferguson beat multiple myeloma with curcumin

C3 Complex is a standardized curcumin extract that has been used in 45 human clinical trials. BioPerine is a extract from black pepper that increases curcumin absorption.

Dieneke took 8g (eight 1000 mg pills) all at once at night on an empty stomach. She is currently taking 9g per day.

The 8 gm per day protocol will cost roughly $100 per month. A 120 tablet bottle is currently $50 per bottle on amazon and will last two weeks. I think it makes sense to get six bottles, take high dose curcumin daily for three months and then get your blood work checked to see if there’s improvement.

To prevent any adverse reaction, it is recommended that you gradually increase the curcumin dose over four weeks, doubling each week, until you get to 8 grams per day, which is what Dieneke did.

Week 1: 1 gram per day
Week 2: 2 grams per day
Week 3: 4 grams per day
Week 4: 8 grams per day

*1 gram is one 1000 mg tablet. If you buy 500mg tablets instead of 1000mg tablets, you will need to take twice as many.

Multiple human clinical trials have demonstrated that 8 grams of curcumin per day is generally safe, and this study demonstrated that 12 grams of C3 Complex can be taken per day with out adverse effects.

My go-to daily curcumin supplement is Bosmeric-SR, formulated by Sunil Pai, MD, which contains C3 Complex, boswelia (frankincense), ginger and BioPerine in a time-release tablet.

However, for a high dose protocol such as this I would take AFI Super Curcumin C3 Complex with Bioperine or Doctor’s Best, as they contain the same patented extract formulations that Dieneke took, and they are not time-release.


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